White water terrace trip

 Terrace Haba trip.

      From our Sean's Spring Guesthouse to the White water terrace long thr road is 70 kilometers,Take 2 and half hours drive via Haba village then through the vally reach to White water terrace (protogenesis of Naxi peoples holy place). walk around terrace about one and half hours,you also could take an other hour to see how to make the hand made china traditonal grass paper,have lunch then drivel other 2 and half hours back to our Sean's place.
   every day from Lijiang has one bus(cost 55RMB) going directly to White water terrace via Tiger Leaping Gorge pass front of Sean's Spring Guesthouse,you can drop off here for gorge trekking start or stay here, the bus come back next morning 11am to reach our Sean's Guesthouse.